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Mindfulness Virtual Reality to Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety

Research by the University of Victoria, Canada & the NeuroMeditation Institute did a study that used nature-based mindfulness virtual reality experiences with anxious participants. The study found that virtual reality shifted the brainwave state from higher Beta to lower Beta frequencies which is consistent with a physiological reduction in anxiety.



Virtual Reality Reduces Pain and Anxiety

Research findings that immersive virtual reality could be used as a distraction tool to reduce pain, anxiety and help with anger management
in an emergency room



VR Increases Physical Presence

VR compared to the computer screen increased the sense of presence and partly, perceived restorativeness. When combined with VR, biofeedback increased physical presence and, in part perceived restorativeness. “



VR Improves Motivation

VR-based implementation was associated with higher motivation and helped users better maintain attentional focus.



VR Increases Relaxation and Improves Mindfulness

VR-based implementation buffered perceived stress in the subsequent stressor task, increased relaxation self-efficacy more, reduced mind wandering, helped participants focus on the present moment, and helped preserve attentional resources.



Meditation Reduces Physiological Symptoms of Stress

Focus on breathing and deep, diaphragmatic breaths in meditation
stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces cortisol (stress hormone), reduces blood pressure, and releases endorphins.



Meditation Reduces the Size of the Amygdala

The area of the brain responsible for the 'fight or flight' reflex.



Improves Self-Regulation and Decreases Emotional Reactivity


Meditation Improves Focus



Meditation Reduces Symptoms of Depression


Mediation Improves Problem Solving Skills

Regular meditation and positive suggestion help to re-programme our brain with more positive thoughts and emotions due to the
repetition and neuroplasticity. Social contagion will help to spread this positivity through to friends and family.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together” (Ref: Norman Doidge, The Brain that Changes Itself)



Scents Reduce Symptoms of Stress

Serenascent to reduce stress symptoms Developed by Queensland University and University of Sydney



Music Therapy to Manage Anxiety

Music interventions with treating depression

Solfeggio frequencies ( 528 Hz) stress reducing effect on the Endocrine System & -Autonomic Nervous System after only 5 minutes

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