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High performance and wellbeing expert, Edwina Griffin


About Edwina

Edwina Griffin was inspired to develop AtOne after collapsing in a toxic workplace.  Eddy is a high-performance expert who increases performance by delivering interventions that drive an individual’s well-being. Eddy has taught meditation for 20- years and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist.She specialises in the interconnection and balance of body, mind, and soul for the benefit of the individual and for the culture and performance of an organisation. AtOne incorporates Eddy’s 25 years of experience in mental, physical, and emotional wellness and training and the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. 

Edwina is a Board Member for Fitness Australia and has worked in the wellness and fitness space for over 25 years. Eddy started her wellness journey founding her Fitwomen brand in 1995 before expanding into Fitmum, Fitmen, Adventurewomen, and then corporate wellness, emotional intelligence, leadership, and mediation consulting with Your Energy Evolution.
Eddy has won several business awards and won NSW Fitness Professional of the Year in 2010 in the Australian Fitness Industry Awards. 

Eddy has been the health and fitness expert for radio, TV, and magazines including Women’s Health, Body and Soul, Nature and Health, and has designed programs and trained fitness professionals nationally for brands such as Fernwood and Jetts Fitness. She accredits personal trainers nationally with her Fitmum® pregnancy and post-natal fitness program and has consulted with both state and local governments to get adults and teenagers active. She runs healing retreats in  NSW Snowy Mountains sharing tools and techniques for better health and performance.

Eddy has spoken at international conferences and summits in the USA, UK, and throughout Australia and has regularly been the health & fitness expert on Sydney radio (Vega, Smooth FM) and for Nature & Health ( 2005-2010) and Women’s Health magazine from 2006-2012. Eddie has hosted her own radio show “the Health & Happiness Show” on Untangled FM based in London.

In 2016, Edwina was engaged by leading technology entrepreneur Dale Beaumont to write, produce and present a 12 part TV show called “Stress Relief” for business owners. In the series, Eddy gave practical tips and mind-body techniques for managing stress, sleep, emotions, and energy. She speaks nationally and internationally on stress management, the mind-body connection, and dispute resolution. 

Eddy continues to consult in the areas of meditation and mindfulness, communication and conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and leadership training. She specialises in workplace disputes and franchise disputes.


Personal Journey


Eddy’s career has evolved with her own personal journey having broken down physically and mentally in her past. After suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 16, sleeping 22 hours per day, Eddy then built her body back to reach the World Junior Athletic Squad for 400 metre hurdles. This was when her understanding of the mind-body connection began. A back injury and a period of not being able to walk without pain continued her journey to understand the body and mind.

A relationship break down in 2005 lead to several years of depression and personal development work resulting in her Kundalini Awakening in 2006. This expanded her understanding of the interconnection of mind-body-spirit. She then studied Metaphysics, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Healing, and Shamanic Practices. Her languages of light and communication with Arcturian, Pleiadian, and Sirian beings expanded her understanding of consciousness, music, mathematics, and sacred geometry as the foundations of life.

Eddy experienced toxic workplaces with one environment leading to her collapsing and being taken away in an ambulance from workplace bullying and stress. After working in her own company able to meditate by the beach for many years, Eddy found herself in a corporate environment with fluorescent lights and white walls unable to relax and meditate. In this high-stress environment, she found just an audio visualisation was not enough to enable her to relax. This was the start of her inspiration for the AtOne product. There needed to be a way to create a more immersive environment.

Eddy has taught meditation for over 20 years and AtOne incorporates all the various aspects of her work throughout her career.

Start Your Mind Fitness Transformation

Whether you are wanting to perform your best in your workplace or on the sporting field or at home, AtOne targets the symptoms of stress and trains your mind towards more positive outcomes and behaviours.